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August 27, 2012


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After Abunaicon

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 27, 2012, 6:42 AM

What a weekend.

Kelly and I are finally back home after a very early flight back to London. I have to say, it was all worth it.

Abunaicon was truly fantastic! It was great meeting some of our followers from the Netherlands and pretty much everyone we met was just lovely!

It was a great test run for Gambit (my sclera contacts arrive tomorrow!!) and I've now decided to make a Human!Wheatley cosplay. Ha ha! It will be fun to be an idiotic character again.

Highlights of Abunaicon:
*Judging the Eurocosplay.
*Being chased by Batman.
*Creating world domination plans with the Joker and Harley while dressed as Loki.
*Invading panels and generally being mental.
*Killing Coulson over and over and over and OVER again!
*Squaring off to a certain Hawkeye everytime I saw her.
*Being told by four people that I look like Tom Hiddleston.

Twas an AMAZING weekend just so tiring. Phew! I really hope we can come back next year and share in all the fun. Now to plan for Alcon!

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Krystal9 Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
yes, we must worship Loki
Daiachi Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2012
Maybe you should consider actually cosplaying Tom Hiddleston. I think you'd do a marvelous job at it.
Juliett-Dark-Angel Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2012
The noises made were not human when I saw "Erik from First Class" And you do look like Tom!!
Kuriconvention Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Oh my god, those photo's jenn, truly perfect. I absoloutly love them~! Haha, glad you had fun, wish I could have went because it sounds amazing!
Hisake-umii Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I was just telling the thruth ^^ It was so awesome meeting you and Kelly, and hope to see you on the Expo again^^


forestfruits1 Featured By Owner Aug 31, 2012
Sounds like you had an absolute blast! What great photos too :D Are you planning on Oct Expo by any chance?
SnowsGhost Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2012  Student Writer
RvB for the win!!
GoddessOfImmaturity Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2012
I am really looking forward to all the upcoming cosplays. :)
And one day I will be able to come to a con and meet you all. Unfortunately America and England are so far away...
RedeadDie Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2012  Professional Artisan Crafter
Marvel/DC, a dysfunctional relationship that we all still wish would happen.
KellyJanefan17 Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2012
Jenn what cosplay u dping on the saturday of alcon i can only make that day.
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